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There’s a reason why damage to walls and even ceilings often goes unaddressed. Let's face it, drywall repair is not the most DIY-friendly home improvement project for even a relatively handy person to attempt. There is a skill and an art to it — both of which our PatchMaster technicians have down pat.

We bring a systematic approach combined with an experienced hand — and more importantly, an expert eye. This is critical when it comes to matching not just color but the texture of a surface. What’s more, we’ll work with you until it’s a true match. Even if it means coming back.

Maybe you’re a homeowner who wants to get that unsightly hole gone for good. Perhaps you’re a renter who wants to get their security deposit back, or a landlord making your property ready for the next tenant. Or maybe you’re a tradesman who needs help putting the finishing touches on a project. Our PatchMaster franchisees can help you -- and often they can do it in one day.

As part of the Master Home Services group of companies that includes home inspection leader HouseMaster, the PatchMaster brand is supported by an experienced team of home service professionals. When you’ve spent nearly 40 years establishing a reputation as a nationwide leader, you do everything you can to ensure that reputation stays intact. This level of professionalism trickles down to everything we do. It’s something that’s difficult to put into words — but it’s something you’ll feel from the very first time you call one of our offices or the first time one of our representatives walks in your door.

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